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About Us

The Company of Community Organisers is the national body established to support the training and development of community organising in England. Through our work on the ground by our members and with partners at a local, regional and national level we are actively building alliances and relationships that will help us to fulfil our objectives

Our Objectives are:

  • To build a more active and democratic society where all people feel and are able to participate in the world around them
  • To provide training courses and programmes that enable the study of the practice, theory, and techniques of community organising;
  • To work with people to build their collective power to tackle poverty and injustice
  • To promote and advocate for a more just society where people are able to challenge constructively for change

Our Values are:

  • People Led - We believe in listening and putting the common agenda of people first in all that we do. We seek to create the conditions for making change possible and encourage individuals to take responsibility and ownership for creating the change that they want.
  • Change - We are committed to support people in the belief that they have the ability and potential to create change and transform their community for the common good.
  • Collaboration - We believe that through building strong relationships and powerful networks, that value individuals, people can achieve lasting social change.
  • Equality - We believe in unleashing the potential of every human being in community and are ambitious to achieve equality of autonomy where every person should have the right to decide and control their life situation.
  • Leadership - We believe leadership comes from many places, in many forms and that every person has the potential to be a leader. We will respect and nurture that and in our own work aim for the highest standards of leadership by balancing humility and an unwavering resolve to achieve change.
  • Trust - We believe in being trustworthy and open. We will assume that others are trustworthy and always start from 'Yes'.

We have a small core team who are directed by a board made up of Community Organisers, representatives of organisations that have employed Organisers in the past and other stakeholder representatives.


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About us

The Company of Community Organisers is the organisation that represents the interests of community organisers who qualified through a nationwide training programme in organising. Read more...

What is community organising?

Community Organising is the work of building relationships in communities to activate people and create social and political change through collective action. Read more...

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Contact the COltd brokerage service if you want to find out how an organiser can support you or your community. Read more...

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Looking for a new member of staff to join your organisation? Organisers are fully accredited and offer unique skills to any employer. Read more...


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We deliver a programme of training throughout England. These courses are open to community, public and voluntary sector organisations as well as individuals. Read more...

Our Services

We offer bespoke services for both individuals and organisations. These include brokerage, training in community organising, and a method of offering employment opportunities direct to our members. Read more...

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