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Check out what's happening on the ground: people getting involved, coming together and taking action, experiences of our movement members and much more! Case studies and stories are written by Organisers, Hosts, Volunteers and Employers. At times we also feature guest stories.

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18 Apr 2017
Upskilling young volunteers with Community Organising skills.
7 Mar 2017
First accounts opened with ‘Last Bank Standing’
17 Feb 2017
An introduction to Community Organising – Principle and Practice
30 Jan 2017
Learning reports for the Community Organisers Programme (COP), the Community Organisers Mobilisation Fund (COMFund) and others.
7 Nov 2016
Young Listeners Wiltshire
25 Oct 2016
Local Government Association (LGA)
14 Oct 2016
‘What makes Cambourne special?’
7 Sep 2016
Is there a role for Community Organisers to help steer a path through the formal legislation?
30 Aug 2016
Honours aren't just for celebrities!
15 Aug 2016
Please follow our guide to setting up campaigns or petitions with COLtd and our partner organisation 38 Degrees
12 Aug 2016
Neighbourhood Plan
10 Aug 2016
In December 2015, High Trees was awarded COM funding to continue to work with Tulse Hill Forum (THF) on the Neighbourhood Planning project through our resident...
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