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Check out what's happening on the ground: people getting involved, coming together and taking action, experiences of our movement members and much more! Case studies and stories are written by Organisers, Hosts, Volunteers and Employers. At times we also feature guest stories.

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22 Jul 2016
Evaluation Report
4 Jul 2016
If you engage with residents on a deeper level, and you do it right, you find out that people care and they want to get involved.
11 Apr 2016
St Pauls is a community in transition. Local people are being increasingly priced out by soaring living costs while those who can no longer afford to live in...
31 Mar 2016
After a sabbatical I have only just caught up with the final evaluation of the community organisers’ programme that set me on this amazing journey three years...
7 Mar 2016
Transition Glastonbury emerged “in the manner of violets coming to light in early spring”.
26 Feb 2016
Listening to hundreds of local people during the past few months, the over-riding concern for many in Glastonbury is the closure of all the town’s banks.
19 Feb 2016
One Billion Rising – 1 in 3 around the globe will be effected by violence and rape at some point in their lives.
16 Feb 2016
5 Feb 2016
What is the COM Fund?
3 Feb 2016
Last Tuesday Jayne and I were out door knocking raising awareness of the Neighbourhood Plan which is rolling out in our area, through the Company of Community...
21 Jan 2016
It all started when 3 girls, Ayathola Sibanda, Lily Smith and Sophie Fisher, from Sandhill primary school wanted to do a film. A Senior Community Organiser,...
21 Jan 2016
from Glastonbury to Westminster
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