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Check out what's happening on the ground: people getting involved, coming together and taking action, experiences of our movement members and much more! Case studies and stories are written by Organisers, Hosts, Volunteers and Employers. At times we also feature guest stories.

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23 Nov 2015
In the last 10 years we have seen a rise in people talking about citizens and public service professionals sitting together to design services, drawing on the...
16 Nov 2015
During June and July 2015 Thornton Heath shared two examples of the enduring qualities of ABCD with the welcome return of the annual Parade of Nations and the...
16 Nov 2015
New forms of collective action are emerging in the UK. With growing frequency people are taking to the streets to defend the rights of citizens against outside...
13 Nov 2015
What would you discover if you could make visible all the invisible assets (the local things that make our communities special and powerful: people,...
28 Jul 2015
After being listened to myself, I felt empowered to change my neighbourhood for the better.
20 Jul 2015
After door-knocking for four months, I finally found the woman who showed me the power of Community Organising.
14 Jul 2015
After meeting a woman and her mother at a pop-up listening, I found a huge group of people trying to save their neighbourhood.
7 Jul 2015
On my very first day, on my very first street, I met a lady called Judy, who drew my attention to the County Council’s plans to severely reduce the local bus...
1 Jul 2015
One group introduces mental health to the whole community with a fantastic event.
15 Jun 2015
When one woman was taking the Life in the UK test, she decided to form a study group to help as many people as possible.
4 Jun 2015
“I thought it was interesting to find out what the students thought about the school and that many of their thoughts were the same”
1 Jun 2015
The remarkable story of the Volunteer Training Partners Programme.
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