What matters to us

From October to Christmas 2019, Community Organisers continued our Listening Campaign, to find out about the things that YOU, the members, care about.

During the Listening Campaign members were invited to ‘group listening’ sessions at area network events and regional meet-ups, and – for those members who could not attend the events – we provided an on-line ‘listening form’.

Together, we continue to built a picture of the issues that matter to us and motivate us – both locally and nationally; as individuals and as a movement – identifying where we can use our collective power to support action within the membership.

The Results

What matters the most to those members of Community Organisers who took part in the Autumn 2019 Listening Campaign:

N.B. positions from the Spring 2019 Campaign [in brackets].

The top 10 things that members love/like about their communities are:

  1. The people (connections/community spirit) [1]
  2. Creative arts and culture (taking part and enjoyment of) [5]
  3. ‘History of place’ [6]
  4. Local events and activities [-]
  5. Community spaces and community centres [2]
  6. Shopping/shopping centres [4]
  7. Festivals/entertainments [3]
  8. Adult education and training [-]
  9. Playgrounds/recreation grounds (for children) [7]
  10. Sports (taking part and watching) [8]

The top 10 concerns of members are:

  1. Environmental concerns (including climate change, plastic, local issues) [3]
  2. Housing (especially the lack of truly affordable/social housing) [2]
  3. Safety/fear of crime/increases in crime [1]
  4. Transport (lack of public transport) [-]
  5. Loneliness and isolation [-]
  6. Community not having a voice/not being listened to [-]
  7. Austerity/poverty [4]
  8. Local amenities/facilities (lack of) [-]
  9. Unemployment/Universal Credit [6]
  10. Lack of youth engagement [9]
“It was wonderful to hear the views of the members; discovering what really matters to us. As Community Organisers, listening to the membership is obviously important, and I am delighted that we created lots of different ways in which they could take part in the Listening Campaign – either by coming to one of our face-to-face listening events, or by using our on-line ‘listening form’. This has been a very useful and successful campaign, and Community Organisers will be repeating it in the Spring to keep the issues up to date.”
David Symes, National Member Organiser

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