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Our network of Community Organisers have a wide range of skills, considerable experience and comprehensive geographical coverage to suit your organisation. Whether you are looking for a temporary employee to cover a vacancy, extra capacity to support your engagement strategy or a third party to deliver a project in its entirety, we have the right person available for you.

Community Organisers are already working with a range of organisations such as:

  • Councils seeking specialist community engagement support, training for their Community Development teams, extra capacity when working with their communities or who are interested in redefining how citizens can engage with the effective delivery of public services
  • Housing Associations redefining their relationship with tenants by conducting structured listening exercises or strengthening Tenants and Residents Associations and similar bodies.
  • Health Providers embracing a social prescription model, moving toward patient-led services or promoting active lifestyles in the community
  • Voluntary Sector Organisations looking to support their volunteers, receive training and increase reach into the communities they work with enhancing service delivery and impact
  • Police Forces wishing to adopt a proactive and preventative strategy by working with communities to reduce the risk of offending and also creating a new relationship of accountability between citizens and the police

The core skills that all Community Organisers possess include deep listening, recording & analysing data, reflective practice, effective use of social media, inspiring and motivating people to take action, supporting volunteers, community-led research, collective leadership, group facilitation, network-building and action planning.

Some of our Community Organisers also have significant experience in campaigning, fundraising, business planning, events planning and lobbying. These specialists can provide expert support even if they are at a distance.

“Working alongside Community Organisers has allowed us to reassess where we are and what type of organisation we want to be. We’ve taken a step back from ‘doing’ to become enablers as often as possible. Taking this approach has instilled a new confidence in our local communities, who have taken the lead in almost all aspects of the work whilst also working collaboratively with Big Local and Our Place Partnerships.” The Wharton Trust.

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