Action For Change Through Community Organising

This interactive one-day course will explore how you can make change for good through collective action. You will explore the different types of action you can take, from DIY action to campaigning, explore stories of action and success factors and learn how to develop a strategy for change based on listening, building people power, leadership and picking tactics and methods for action.

On this course we get to the heart of the action. What can we do together to create change in our neighbourhoods and communities? How do we know what is the right action to take? How do we mobilise our network of people? How do we work together to lead change? Learn about calling people to action through stories and how community organising enables people to lead and support action which makes them feel powerful together.

During this course you will explore:

  • what motivates people to take action in their community;
  • the purpose of action in community organising and different types of organised action;
  • how to develop a power map and a strategy for action – develop your confidence in leading collective action;
  • the importance of reflecting on action.

This course is run by Community Organisers for Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust Social Action Hub and is funded by DCMS as part of the Community Organisers Expansion programme.

The course trainers are experienced and committed Community Organisers. The course is approved as quality training provision by Certa and as approved CPD. All participants receive a Certificate of Participation.

Further one-day courses are available focusing on practical aspects of community organising, plus longer courses for those who want to train as fully qualified community organisers.

You Must Sign Up to Attend this Course. Please note if we do not receive enough bookings, this course will not run. Due to our Quality criteria, this course requires a minimum number of participants to run. If people sign up but do not attend, we may cancel the course on the day. Please let us now if you change your mind after signing up.

How to book:

Please sign up to attend by clicking HERE.

Organising Groups

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