Introduction to Community Organising with ACORN

This will be an all-day community organiser training session and will encompass strategy, power and tactics, direct action, action planning, power mapping and much more.

This course is a starting point for anybody who is interested in community organising. It will help you begin to understand what community organising involves and what it looks like in the real world. You will be introduced to the foundations of community organising: listening, power, and action.

Community organisers reach out and listen to people, then connect and motivate them to build their collective power. In this course, you will start to explore how people come together so that they can understand and take action on their concerns to build community and overcome social injustice.

During this course you will explore:

  • what community organising is;
  • the importance of listening to build relationships and uncover issues;
  • power in communities and why it matters;
  • how to motivate people to take action;
  • how to take your next steps in community organising and social action.

I loved the training. I learned a lot and cannot wait to put it into practice. The listening exercise made me reflect on how I have been listening to others and sometimes not hearing them. Also, I found the power session very interesting as I can see the how it translates into my community.

This is a full day course run by the ACORN Bristol Social Action Hub.  Those who attend will get a certificate in community organising.

Please note that tea and coffee will be available but lunch will not be provided. There is a Lidl close by.

The venue is accessible but unfortunately does not have an accessible toilet.

There are up to 15 spaces available for this training, please book a free ticket if you want to come along and if no tickets are left, email and they’ll put you on a waiting list as there might have more spaces available nearer the time or, if demand is high, ACORN will run another training session.

N.B. These training days are only open to ACORN members. If you haven’t joined the union yet you can do so here:

How to book:

Please sign up to attend via Eventbrite.

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