Community Organising Day 2 of 4 – ‘Listening Skills for Community Organising’

Day 2 of our 4 day learning path into Community Organising.

The aim of the course is to support participants to develop the skills and confidence to engage in listening in the context of community organising, either with family and friends or in the community.

During this course you will:

  • gain a deeper understanding of the importance of listening in the context of community organising.
  • begin to develop the skills and self-awareness required for listening
  • understand how the reflection process can be used to improve listening practice
  • prepare participants for the practicalities of listening in a community
  • consider next steps in listening

The listening exercise made me reflect on how I have been listening to others and sometimes not hearing them.

This course is run by Community Organisers and facilitated by the Starting Point Community Learning Partnership Social Action Hub.

The course will be held in our upstairs training room in Woodley. Lift available.

Free parking and good access route by train and bus.

Lunch will be provided.  There will be vegan options available but if you have any dietary requirements please get in touch.

The course lasts for 6 hours.  Like all of our training, it is inspiring and interactive. It is designed so that everybody can take part, share their ideas and experiences and practice their skills.

The course trainers are experienced and committed community organisers. The course is approved as quality training provision by Certa and as approved CPD. All participants receive a Certificate of Participation.

Further one-day courses are available focusing on practical aspects of community organising, plus longer courses for those who want to train as fully qualified community organisers.

There is no cost to this course, but we do ask you contribute whatever you can towards lunch, there will be a pot available for donations.


You Must Sign Up to Attend this Course.
Please note: if we do not receive enough bookings, this course will not run.  Due to our Quality criteria, this course requires a minimum of 8 participants to run.  If people sign up but do not attend, we may cancel the course on the day.  Please let us now if you change your mind after signing.

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