ACORN Communities (Bristol)

ACORN is a federation of locally accountable community organising groups, which has been growing in England since 2014. In Bristol, ACORN have mobilised more than 2,500 people to support a campaign for social housing in new developments in Bristol, winning hundreds of affordable housing units where none would have been otherwise.

As a Social Action Hub, ACORN are looking to expand their work into a number of new neighbourhoods in Bristol including Lawrence Weston, Hartcliffe and Hillfields which face major challenges around poverty and deprivation.

ACORN’s organising work always begins with door-knocking and one-to-one conversations and this will continue to be the major way in which new volunteers and leaders are identified for training. Issues and campaigns will come from residents with direct experience of the issues involved, but ACORN will continue to tackle issues which are often felt to be too hard for other community organisations to tackle, and this is where the Social Action Hub will really make its mark in Bristol.

For more information about ACORN, please visit their national website.