Rotherham Federation of Communities (Rotherfed)

Rotherfed’s aim is to strengthen communities in Rotherham. The hub's commitment to resident-led social action has developed out of roots in the tenant and resident movement.

Rotherfed is a locally rooted democratic organisation with 60 organisational members. Membership is open to community led organisations (CLOs) and tenants and residents’ associations and individuals.

Rotherfed supports communities in Rotherham to grow and develop, working with them to build their sense of belonging, community pride and spirit. Community organising is at the heart of this. Rotherfed begun hosting community organisers in 2014 and have now hosted and employed six trainee community organisers, as well as training volunteers. During the next three years, Rotherfed aims to strengthen its local partnerships to ensure the embedding of the principles of community organising locally. Training local leaders and volunteers  is an integral part of the business plan and Rotherfed look forward to developing and expanding this in partnership with the Community Organisers Expansion Programme.