Local Organising Groups

Local Organising Groups comprise of a minimum 21 members (of Community Organisers), who have come together to facilitate the use of community organising principles and practice, to tackle issues that matter most to them. The groups work together, listening to their community, building their collective power and developing community led solutions.

Local Organising Groups underpin the community organising practice already happening within communities across England. The groups ensure that priorities for community and social action directly emerge from our neighbourhoods. This guarantees that Community Organisers continues to remain authentic – acting locally and nationally on issues that people care about.

Organising Groups can be ‘place-based’ (coming together in a geographic area or neighbourhood, such as Hartlepool or Birkenhead) or ‘issue-based’ (coming together around a specific concern or as a ‘community of interest’, such as Spoken or Moorlands Climate Action).

Social Action Hubs support Organising Groups in their area, by providing training and support in community organising practice, and offering meeting space and other resources where possible. However, Local Organising Groups can also be entirely independent.

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Can I form a Local Organising Group?

I haven't got a Local Organising Group in my area, but I want to set one up. What do I do?

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Place-Based Organising Groups

Issue-Based Organising Groups

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