Community Organisers Birkenhead

Local Organising Group

Community organisers from the North Birkenhead Development Trust Social Action Hub have been holding meet-ups for some time, using a space in the market as a meeting place.

Listening to new people; mentoring potential organisers through understanding the framework and how it is applied has led to the formation of a new Local Organising Group for Birkenhead, which launched in April 2019.

Community Organising is important to address the real and sometimes entrenched social issues of a community. Community Organising helps individuals assess with others, the root cause of these issues as they identify them. Disconnected communities are able to rebuild a connection and come together to solve issues using their own lived expertise, valuing their experiences.

The Birkenhead group are able to share experiences, get access to collective support, and meet other organisers to build networks and share best practice.  Their key purpose is to value each other as a recourse in exploring root causes of community issues; exploring barriers including self-belief, wellbeing, and confidence building.

Photos from the launch of Community Organisers Birkenhead at the St. James Centre.

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