Community Organisers Middlesbrough

Local Organising Group

We are a small and embryonic group of Middlesbrough residents who have met through being on The Award in Community Organising course delivered at The Annexe (Social Action Hub) in Hartlepool.

Through this training, we have uncovered a real passion for the community organising framework as a mechanism for transforming our local community from within.

At the end of this course, we said that we wanted to work together, with The Annexe to form a group to see whether we could get more people involved locally.  There is no social action hub in our area, so we would have more to do than say Hartlepool and it may take time, but it’s something we are committed to.

Initially, we will work with Nikki and Sacha (from CO Hartlepool), but believe that over time we will be able to take on much more of the responsibility of delivering our Action Plan so that we become a completely autonomous group; although we will, of course, remain in contact with our North East allies and friends in the movement.

The funding will be used to get us together, to attract more people and to begin the process of identifying where this can have the most impact.

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