Living Centre Community Hub Corby

Local Organising Group

The Living Centre Community Hub (Corby) plans to develop and share community organising skills and use that knowledge to take organised collective action on issues people care about locally. Whilst building on the groups’ organisational power and ability to provoke the change needed in Corby.

Our strategic goals are:

  1. Work alongside all people to develop their strengths, skills and sense of purpose.
  2. Invest in a long-term, relational approach with young people, elderly and families.
  3. Listen to our community and build on the positive strengths in it.
  4. Connect people to create a kinder and more resourceful neighbourhood.

We will continue to connect people to create a kind, self-sustaining groups based on information that we have collected to date e.g.  Elderly group, parents/career group for them to run events, workshops and training, youth groups and homeless support.

Organising Groups

Take action now in your community by joining or forming an organising group in your area

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