Moorlands Climate Action

Issue-Based Organising Group

Moorlands Climate Action was established in April 2019 to support a petition to the District Council asking that a Climate Emergency be declared, and an action plan developed to make Staffordshire Moorlands carbon neutral by 2030. Members of the Parents for Climate Action, Peace Through Folk and Leek Youth for Climate Action joined us, and we worked with local councillors to put forward a motion to the District Council in July. We used music, poetry and storytelling to get over our message to councillors as they arrived for the Council Meeting.

Following the successful campaign, the group met to discuss if they wished to continue and develop our own set of projects. There was a resounding decision to continue and work across our community to be part of the solution, and not just expect the council to come with all the answers.

Over a couple of meetings, we worked through a potential governance structure (roughly based on the Transition towns model), developed a constitution and eventually called a general meeting to vote in a committee and agree on the constitution.

We agreed to levy a modest membership subscription (£10/year or £5/year for unwaged) and developed a collaborative working system using the Slack system and a mailing/membership system using Mailchimp. We have 140 people on our mailing list and 30 signed up members.


Our Purpose is:

  • To work with Staffordshire councils and other organisations to develop and deliver a plan to work towards a more sustainable Staffordshire Moorlands, and reach Carbon Neutrality by 2030.

Our Primary Objectives are:

  • Work with councils to help them to understand their impact on climate, reduce carbon emissions from their direct activities, their plans, policies and strategies, and their decision making.
  • Hold councils and their members to account when not enough is being done quick enough.
  • Work to engage, educate and enthuse local communities to take action against the climate emergency.
  • Liaise and work with schools to help educate children and youth about the climate emergency.
  • Promote positive action towards tackling the climate emergency and the benefits of a Carbon Neutral future.
  • Hold events to communicate, engage, inform and educate people.
  • Create and organise various topic-based Project Teams to deliver actions aimed at tackling the climate emergency.
  • Work across all boundaries; geographical, social and political to deliver action.
  • Seek to educate ourselves more and more so we understand the issues and can communicate them to others.
  • Seek out and share information about the ways in which other people and groups are taking action that we can learn from.


Work with local business to encourage and promote their sustainability efforts.

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