Benefits of membership

Joining Community Organisers will connect you with an exciting network of like-minded people who believe in making their communities a better place to live.

Making a difference on your own can be difficult but, draw people together, listen to what they really want and you start sowing the seeds of change. There is power in shared dreams.

Benefits for our members include:

  • Get support through local network meet-ups, organised by our Member Organisers.
  • Share skills through our member-only Community Organisers Time Bank. The Time Bank enables you to ‘trade’ your knowledge with other members in return for ‘time credits’.
  • Learn from our member-only webinars – online learning events on community organising themes and social change issues.
  • Connect via our Community Organisers ‘Workplace’ –  an online space to chat about organising and start discussions on issues that are important to you. Contact experienced community organisers from across England and the Community Organisers staff team.
  • Study with our extensive library of books about community organising.
  • Get inspired at our events, like our yearly gathering which brings together more than 200 community organisers from across England.
  • Mobilise other members to support your campaigns.
  • Find out about jobs and funding opportunities through our news bulletins.
  • Vote and take part in decision-making through our elected Board.

We offer member discounts wherever possible.

Through building and connecting the membership of Community Organisers, we have created a responsive organisation made up of truly remarkable people, who are achieving change at all levels of our society – locally, regionally and nationally.
David Symes, National Member Organiser, Community Organisers