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History of The Company of Community Organisers

The Company of Community Organisers was formed in 2015, as part of the Community Organisers Programme to act as the national training and membership body for Community Organisers in England.  

What was the Community Organisers programme?

The Community Organisers Programme was a four year national training programme that began in 2011, designed and run by Locality and funded by the Cabinet Office. The programme was run with several partners. The key training partner was RE:generate. The programme ended in the summer of 2015. A legacy organisation, The Company of Community Organisers (COLtd) formed in the summer of 2015.

What is the community organising movement?

Community organising involves building relationships in communities, mobilising people to take action and supporting projects which make a difference to people's lives. Community organising creates social and political change through collective action. Community Organisers listen to what people want to see change in their lives and community and help them to achieve this, working in and through democratic structures. Community Organisers have no agenda, and do not lead or do things on behalf of people.

What happens to Community Organisers after their training year?

So far 327 people have gained a qualification from the Foundation of Community Organising. This is verified by CERTA. 60% of qualified Community Organisers progress into a second year of community organising. These 'Senior' Community Organisers continue developing their skills and supporting their volunteers and community action. 'Senior' Community Organisers may be employed locally, self-employed or they may set up a new community enterprise. 'Senior' Community Organisers are helping to train new Community Organisers in the programme and in their own communities.

What happening now?

From October 2015 COLtd will be offering training in community organising, helping Community Organisers find work opportunities, develop their skills, and spread the word about the power of community organising to create change for the better. COLtd will be an independent body owned by Community Organisers

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