Community Practitioners Network

The Community Practitioners Network (CPN) brings together community practitioners from across the UK. An informal space where people come together to listen, reflect and share their experience and receive both peer mentoring and practice support from the Community Organisers team. The CPN proposes a real diversity of community practice rooted in the principles and practice of community organising

What you can expect within the Community Practitioners Network:

  • Webinars and mentoring spaces (monthly)
  • Shared resources
  • Guest speakers
  • Interest-based networks of peer support
  • Develop new ideas and thinking
  • A space to test and evaluate practice
  • Reflective practice
  • Access to 100s of years of community practice experience and advice
  • A community, built on trust and respect

Monthly calendar of activities

Together, we will develop and design other activities to enhance the overall experience. Each month there will be regular content including;

  • Peer Learning Circles
  • Webinars
  • Interest-Based Discussion Groups
  • Networking Sessions
  • Bi-monthly – Key Speakers

Who is organising the Community Practitioners Network?

The CPN is an emerging initiative; established and facilitated by Community Organisers. The evolution and development of the CPN is achieved through the support of its own members. Holding within it, vast experiences, of supporting community development, action, and progress.

The CPN is a safe space for reflection, mentoring, and support. It is part of personal and professional development. 
David Symes, National Member Organiser for Community Organisers

Why have we created the Community Practitioners Network?

Hundreds of hours of conversations since the start of the pandemic, have exposed a demand for a trusted space. Somewhere that community practitioners can share, learn, reflect, mentor, and support each other. Our own well-being is at the heart of the CPN. 

Who is the Community Practitioners Network for?

Anyone working or volunteering directly at the grassroots with communities. Whatever your approach to community engagement or empowerment, the CPN is a space for you. We will draw on what we have in common and guide our conversations through shared values.

How does it work?

The CPN is designed to fit your own time, requirements, and welfare. An open space that can be accessed as and when needed. Your main commitment will be to actively contribute and share your own experiences, time, and knowledge to support its evolution and development.

What does the Community Practitioners Network cost?

Individual membership of the Community Practitioners network is £10 ex VAT per month. This is a rolling subscription.
All people that sign up to the Community Practitioners Network will also receive a physical copy of our book ‘Community Organising Compared‘.


Payment is through PayPal. Please note that if you do not have a PayPal account you can ‘check out’ as a guest by following the online instructions.


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