Lincoln City Foundation (Lincoln)

Community organising in Lincoln has been developing under the umbrella of the Lincoln City Foundation (previously known as LCFCSET) since 2012 and is already becoming well established in Lincoln.

Five community organisers have been employed through Lincoln City Foundation and 15 volunteers were trained in community organising in 2015, one of whom is now employed as their organiser. The Foundation has even changed its charitable objectives to reflect its commitment to community organising. Plans for the Social Action Hub are being developed with the City Council’s Neighbourhood Working team.

The Social Action Hub provides the opportunity to work with community leaders identified by neighbourhood workers across the city. Each target neighbourhood is served by a neighbourhood boards. These groups bring together residents, councillors and agencies working in the area. Engagement with these boards will be one way to identify people interested in taking up training opportunities and also to strengthen local democratic processes. Lincoln Social Action Hub will also be offering training to young people graduating from the NCS Programme. Their overarching goal is to train more than 100 passionate individuals, who will then use community organising principles and approaches to support positive and collaborative community action across Lincoln, training individuals from different areas and different backgrounds to ensure the movement is inclusive yet specific to the neighbourhoods and networks.