Stonegrove Community Trust & Our Yard at Clitterhouse Farm

The NWL Social Action Hub is a partnership between Our Yard at Clitterhouse Farm & the Stonegrove Community Trust aiming to embed the principles and practice of Community Organising and Community Hosting across North West London through the offer of high quality certified training, coaching, and support and through the growth of a community of practice. The organisation is both a Social Action Hub and an Affiliated Training Provider able to deliver quality assured course in community organising.

Our two organisations have come together to create the North West London Social Action Hub because we believe in the power of Community Organising to effect social change. Each of us brings very different experiences, skills, and assets, and together we can offer accredited training that will allow our community to be empowered to create change. We as organisations are an example of how the principles of Community Organisers are a success in practice. Our hub will serve to promote the values of Community Organising and support the network of people who are involved in taking action for change in North West London and will assist the building of relationships both locally and nationally.

Please have a look at our website to read our case studies and see how we have used Community Organising in our organisations!

Here is the link to the page on our website: