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As a member of Community Organisers, you get the opportunity to be part of our wonderful, welcoming online community on Workplace.

This connects you to the wider support network of community organisers, enabling you to reach out to one another for practical help and advice on all things related to organising.

It is also your space to share some of the wonderful community organising work you have been doing in your communities and hear positive stories from across our membership.

Once you have joined as a member, sign up for Workplace to see the latest:

  • News and updates from the Community Organisers team
  • Jobs and opportunities related to community organising
  • Stories of community organising in the media
  • Discussion groups created directly by members for members
  • Access to our ‘book library’ to borrow books about community organising
  • Opportunities to talk directly to the Community Organisers staff team, Member Organisers, Social Action Hubs and other members
Workplace offers an exciting opportunity for the Community Organisers' membership to come together and connect regionally and nationally. We often share common concerns but this gives us a way to share ideas, collaborate and create actions to tackle them.
David Symes, National Member Organiser

Here are some great tips for how you can get the best out of Workplace.

Upload a photo profile

Be active!

Share your organising stories

Ask questions

An atmosphere of mutual respect

Speak for ourselves, not others

Make your content appropriate to the site

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