National meet-up

Our annual meet-up brings together inspirational people working in neighbourhoods across England to learn from one another, reflect, take away new ideas and skills, make new connections and strengthen our collective power.

It’s that one chance in a year that you get to meet with like minded people. You can go to meetings locally but no one else does what I do in the Wirral. Its that chance to meet and connect with others.
Jenni Jones, Chief Executive, Wirral Development Trust

What to expect?

Based around a mix of creative events, speakers and debates, smaller workshops and socialising, the annual event offers valuable support, information and training to members of our movement and beyond.

You get great ideas and there is a hell of a lot of fun in it – and it gives you the headspace to have conversations with like-minded individuals.
Sacha Bedding, Manager, The Wharton Trust

Who attends?

The event is open to everyone and is open to all people from a variety of backgrounds, including residents, policy makers and politicians. What they all share in common is that they care about the places where they live and a belief that positive lasting change starts with local people.

It’s the chance to be with like minded people – its not just us from Stafford, its' people from all over the country. I sometimes feel like it is me just me telling people; but its happening everywhere and the event shows it.
Eileen Jordan, Old Chapel Works CIC

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Join us today to meet hundreds of people who want to make a real change in their communities. We’re just getting started, but together we will be heard, be powerful and make a better tomorrow.

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