Why should I join the movement?

Community Organisers is a growing movement of people involved in community organising.

Our members are working together to:
· tackle food poverty by developing food banks and social supermarkets
· organise for better housing conditions
· fix the digital divide ensuring affordable and accessible internet access


Below are some great reasons why you should join the movement!

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We can do more together than we can on our own

Together we are building collective power

A movement committed to sharing, learning and reflection

Finding Community Organising was a revelation to me. It's the way I want to be in my communities and my neighbourhood and I want to do everything I can to support this work.
Membership Survey March 2020

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Join us today to meet hundreds of people who want to make a real change in their communities. We’re just getting started, but together we will be heard, be powerful and make a better tomorrow.

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