Why should I join the movement?

Community Organisers is a growing movement of people involved in community organising.

Our members are working together to:
  • fix the digital divide ensuring affordable and accessible internet access through the #OperationWiFi campaign
  • tackle food poverty by developing food banks, social supermarkets and joining forces with a variety of members and organisations as part of the food equity action group to eradicate food poverty
  • help gain support for mental health pressures and eradicate the mental pressures people face, which have been exacerbated by the pandemic, through our mental pressures action group

Below are some great reasons why you should join the movement!

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We can do more together than we can on our own

Together we are building collective power

A movement committed to sharing, learning and reflection

Finding Community Organisers was a revelation to me. Community organising is the way I want to be involved in my communities and my neighbourhood and I want to do everything I can to support this work.
Membership Survey March 2020

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Join us today to meet hundreds of people who want to make a real change in their communities. We’re just getting started, but together we will be heard, be powerful and make a better tomorrow.

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