Building Power through Community Organising (online)

On this course you will explore & develop your understanding of power and how power can be built in communities to overcome social injustice

Using fun and thought-provoking activities, and thinking about our own lives, we will explore the different types and effects of power and look at the ways that people can build power together through community organising.

During this course you will explore

• your personal power and ability to act

• how power is exercised in society

• what it means to organise for change

• how to begin to pinpoint the causes of social injustice

• how to build power with others through community organising

The course also provides a reminder of the basics of community organising, which are covered in our Introduction to Community Organising course. If you haven’t been on our Introduction course, we would encourage you to do this before signing up to the Power course.

The course lasts for 7 hours, split over 2 days, to receive a certificate for this training you must attend both sessions.

Community Organising Compared

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