Webinar 1: Reaching Out, Involving Everyone

When the pandemic hit, the first responders to the crisis were neighbours taking direct action to support each other. Whilst programmes were being designed and implemented to protect those labelled as 'vulnerable', local people were self-organising their neighbour to neighbour response reaching out, connecting and ensuring those at risk were supported.

  • How did we do it?
  • What have we learnt?
  • And what challenges have we faced and how can we overcome then?

In the first of this webinar series we want to look at the core elements of the Community Organising Framework; Reach and Listen. What lessons can community organising learn from the response, and, how can the skills and practice of community organising support those who are continuing to reach out and involve everyone

Organising Groups

Take action now in your community by joining or forming an organising group in your area

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