Community Organising and Local Area Coordination

Community Organising and Local Area Coordination represent two distinct community approaches that share similar values and principles in both their philosophy and method. Quite simply they both share the same ambition: to put power back in to the hands of the community.

In areas of our country where they are side by side we are seeing compelling evidence for how they are complementary of each other, helping local people take control and bring about positive change at a personal, familial and community level.

In this session, facilitated by Nick Gardham from Community Organisers and Nick Sinclair of the Local Coordination Network we will explore;

  • Some stories of the two approaches
  • Where the 2 approaches are working well (and why)
  • The differences these approaches are making

We hope it will be of interest to citizens, practitioners and policy makers alike interested in community organising, development, community wellbeing and social capital development.

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