How do you create good spaces to reach out, listen and connect with people?

This session, led by Maff Potts from Camerados, looks at how we can create good spaces to reach out, listen and connect with people.

Maff is interested in how these spaces can break down stigma around mental health, financial pressures, and many other complex issues people are facing, helping people to open up and build mutual trust and understanding.

Community Organisers has been working with Camerados to share insight of how this kind of connection can be the start of much needed re-connection in our communities. We’re interested in how this format fits with our framework, giving practical and adaptable ways of doing the ‘Reach, Listening and Connect’ elements found here.

This session will be a fun creative workshop and Maff will be hosting in his usual ‘fairy lights and pianos’ style. It is open to anyone interested in breaking down barriers and stigma, connecting people and creating good spaces for real conversation.

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