Peer Learning Circles

The Peer Learning Circles are 6 weekly, 90-minute sessions starting on the 14th of September 2021.

About the Peer Learning Circles (PLC)

The Peer Learning Circles provide a safe space to listen, share, reflect, learn, and develop. Both personally and professionally.

This network is a peer-to-peer learning and mentoring experience. A regular, agenda-free space.

It is our own experiences that lead the questions, conversations, and support offered.

There are no anticipated outcomes. The true value of the experience is the joint activities and pledges, that result naturally from the conversations shared.

Why have we set up the Peer Learning Circles?

Community work is not an exact science. Analysis of our work rarely reflects its true complexities. Often ignoring the time and input required to achieve results.

Witnessing personal, private and sometimes traumatic experiences can take its toll. Both mentally and physically. The Covid-19 Pandemic has intensified this need for our own personal reflective space.

Community Organisers have recognised the need for Peer Learning Circles. This followed 100’s of interactions with community experts, and our members.

With this type of work the first thing that drops off the agenda is looking after yourself. The Peer Learning Circles are about having those critical friends that ask those difficult questions. It helps your own learning and is useful for developing your skills, and challenging your own practice.
Phil McGrath , Centre Manager, The Cornerstone, Lancaster

How the Peer Learning Circles will work

The group sessions will form an essential part of your own personal development.

  • The cost to take part in the Peer Learning Circles is £120+vat+fees. The total cost is £154.
  • Each cohort of the Peer Learning Circles lasts for 6 weeks
  • They will meet online at a set time and day of the week
  • Each session lasts 90 minutes
  • Maximum of 10 people per cohort
  • There will be no need to prepare anything for the sessions

The sessions will be:

  • An online space for individual reflective learning
  • A chance to gain direct knowledge from your peers. Taking this back to your neighbourhoods to support your own actions
  • A place for peer reinforcement and testing of community practice using authentic experiences
  • A chance to examine principles and study best practice to bring about change
  • A safe environment to explore innovative ways of thinking and doing
  • A great place to encourage personal growth or professional knowledge and development
  • A place to understand how other community practitioners achieve constructive results
  • A chance to develop new relationships and advance new ideas
  • The 6-week webinar series is CPD accredited


It was clear from listening to community practitioners that they needed a space to listen, reflect, mentor and learn from each other. Our previous sessions have been a great success with many people staying connected after the 6 sessions.
David Symes, National Member Organiser

Creating a Wider Conversation

We want to widen our reflective space. Opening it up to anyone working within community development and community engagement. Whatever way you engage with or help empower communities, this is a safe space to share, reflect and learn.

The Peer Learning Circles will be vital to your own well-being. Supporting both personal and professional development.

Facilitation of the Peer Learning Circles

Please note that the first session will be a facilitated session. We will create our own unique set of ground rules. Setting expectations for the following sessions. After that, the spaces are open for peer-to-peer conversations, reflections, and peer support.


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