Understanding Food Equity

Join this wider conversation webinar with Moussa Sylla (Selby Trust) and Andrew Forsey (Feeding Britain)

Many communities are concerned about the cliff edge of the furlough scheme, that ended in October 2021. Also, the challenges that the £20 Universal Credit slash will have on low-income families.

As we approach Christmas 2021, foodbank and food pantry usage will be at an all-time high.

This webinar is about highlighting the great work happening already in communities across England and looking at how together, we tackle the root causes.

Presented and facilitated by

Moussa Sylla Anime of Community Organisers and Selby Trust, Tottenham

Andrew Forsey of Feeding Britain


Food inequity refers to communities with limitations in resources and income. They are often not informed about the knowledge and variety of healthy foods in their area.

Food inequity is a global issue. It is caused because some people do not have sufficient access to enough food in total or the variety of food needed to fulfill nutritional daily requirements.

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