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Community Organisers Company Team

Meet the Community Organisers Company (COLtd) Team

  Barbara Harbinson

Locality's nominated Director of COLtd and Chair of the Board

The role I have played in COLtd so far has been a caretaking one.  Although nominated to the Board as a Locality Trustee, when on the COLtd Board I am a member of that organisation  and that is the basis on which I make decisions.

So far most of what I have contributed has been fairly routine as would be expected in the set-up phase but there has been a lot of time spent deciding how we can make sure we don’t tie up the future COLtd in bureaucratic knots, making decisions a future Board would find constricted their decision making and growth. 

It's great that we have Organiser Directors on the Board now and that more will follow.  If I continue to be Chair, then increasingly I hope my role will be less and less about decision making and more about facilitating others to make good decisions.  It has always been intended that COLtd is led by organisers for organisers and organising.  I don’t know where it will all end up – and I believe that is as it should be.   

  Maaike Veenkamp

Community Organiser Director of COLtd, elect

[email protected]

07860 526 553

Hello everyone!

Firstly I would like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me to fulfil the role of Director on the board of Community Organisers Ltd.

My vision for COLtd is that it becomes a comprehensive support body for Community Organisers which responds to the needs of Organisers working on the ground, attracts new Community Organisers, offers training and personal development for existing and new Community Organisers, offers relevant support and creates opportunities for Community Organisers to share learning and best practice. My hopes for COLtd are that it remains a grassroots organisation, in touch with Organisers and volunteers who are working hard on the ground to transform their neighbourhoods and is led by its members in a bottom-up approach.

I am excited for the new challenge and look forward to steering and shaping the development of COLtd and Community Organising over the next couple of years. I look forward to having conversations with Organisers regarding their hopes and visions for COLtd.

  Mark Parker

Community Organiser Director of COLtd, elect

[email protected]

07956 370 676

I want to see a strong and positive movement for change coming from the grassroots experience of organisers and the communities they work with.

The Board can guide the work but it will depend on us staying closely in touch with the work of organisers and their communities across the country. I recognise that I need to be available for members of COLtd to contact me, discuss with me their ideas and to ensure their views influence my contributions to the Board meetings.

I also need to get out and meet organisers wherever they come together sat regional or national meetings or in local teams; invites are welcome!

  Terri Overland

Community Organiser Director of COLtd, elect

[email protected]

07956 370 676

I am excited by my role as a Director of COLtd and I understand that it will be challenging as well as rewarding.

In my role, I expect to assist with the strategic direction of COLtd and help take it forward to sustain Community Organising into the future.

I will use my in-depth experience of practical community organising as well as my strong understanding of how grassroots implementation informs strategic decision making. I hope to build trusting relationships with COLtd Members, so that I can represent their 'voice' and keep them informed of the progress of COLtd - to build our own community for positive change and a positive future.

  Jose Barco

Community Organiser Director of COLtd, elect

[email protected]


In my view COLtd should not just limit itself to train and support Community Organisers beyond the program and promote Community Organising as a practice but also develop as a solidarity network which brings Community Organisers together to improve practice and connect local initiatives at a wider level in order to find ways of collaborating and taking action at regional or national level, particularly when it comes to challenging issues that cannot be resolved locally but require national campaigns or lobbying to take place. In order to have a bigger impact it may also be necessary to collaborate with other organisations with similar ethos to COLtd.

I hope that COLtd makes sure that Community Organisers who have finished progression and have maybe gone on to similar jobs with different titles but want to remain part of the movement, are actively and creatively encouraged to do so, otherwise this distancing may result in dwindling membership and involvement. This ought to be an organisation where every member has a stake and every member matters.

I'm very excited about this opportunity and would like to thank all the organisers who voted for me! I will do my best to help shape this organisation in a way that reflects the vision of us Community Organisers.

Bottom Up!

Louise Peden

Community Organiser, Development Officer for COLtd

[email protected]

07850 209931

Hi I was a Community Organiser in the first cohort and graduated in 2012.

I am pleased to now be involved in setting up the legacy body - Community Organisers Ltd (COLtd). Its being created to support the great work organisers and their community leaders are doing in readiness for when the government funded project ends next year.

You can find out more about COLtd the legacy body on the about page - just click on building the movement or email us at [email protected] we'd love to hear from you! 





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