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Working with Younger People

Useful information on working with younger people and the different skills it needs

During Action Camp 2014, a selection of workshops were hosted in order to give Community Organisers, volunteers and hosts the chance to learn some new skills and explore some new ideas. 

Are you a community organiser (trainee, volunteer or senior) who finds the idea of working with young people challenging? Are you listening with young people and are unsure what next steps to take?

Drawing on her vast experience as a Community Animator practicing RSLM in communities and in schools, and her previous work as a detached youth worker, Helen Dowling lead a workshop which encouraged you to:

• explore how we work with young people in the context of community organising

• consider the challenges of working with young people

• look at how action with young people is supported by adults in the community.

If you're interested in finding out more about what happened at Action Camp, see here:

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