Social Action Hubs

Social Action Hub is the term we use to describe local hubs of community organising. They are also quality assured training hubs affiliated to Community Organisers.

There are currently 22 Social Action Hubs across England. They are locally rooted organisations committed to community organising who train and support people to develop their understanding and practice of community organising and to get involved in social action.

Each Social Action Hub is unique and works in its own way to ignite social change through community organising, however, together, the Social Action Hubs form a network known as The National Academy of Community Organising (NACO) – the training arm of Community Organisers that provides training in the practice and principles of community organising, from one-day introductory courses through to National Qualifications in Community Organising.

  • You can find out more about Social Action Hubs by clicking HERE.

  • There is an interactive map on our website which show the location of each hub HERE.

  • If you are part of an organisation or group that is interested in finding out how to become a Social Action Hub and be part of The National Academy of Community Organising, please click HERE.

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