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Five things volunteering in Football has taught me

Posted 1 Sep 2014
By Alice Carter
Alice Carter set up Abbey Lions Cubs FC a year ago and has since learnt a lot about volunteering!

1. Simple solutions can be the best

Abbey Lion Cubs FC is by no means a revolutionary idea. By making use of an outdoor space, some footballs, some cones and a couple of goalposts I managed to create a free activity for local children. The important thing is, it works. Every session sees up to 25 young children and their families join together to socialise, learn new skills and have fun. In my area, where many feel there is a lack of community spirit, this is a huge success. You don't need radical ideas to make a difference, simple solutions really do work. 

2. The power of sport

I've always loved sport and believe it has profound benefits on people's lives. My project has truly emphasised this. The children who attend Abbey Lion Cubs FC have not only developed football skills but also personal traits like confidence. Sport also brings people together. Seeing the pride children and their parents have when the 'player of the week' trophy is awarded is an immeasurable feeling. What's more, the parents have now started to play their own matches together and others volunteer to deliver the sessions. 

3. Each community has a need for something

The idea for my project grew from listening to the views of local residents. Many said there wasn't enough for children to do with the majority of youth projects aimed at older children or teens. People felt that the local park was underused considering how much of an asset it was. All these opinions helped inform the project and made sure it was something that would be greatly valued by the community. 

4. It's not 'my' project

Without the team of volunteers who give up their time, the Abbey Lion Cubs FC would not be possible. It's often referred to as my project, but I really don't see it that way. It is our project that we have worked together to develop. 

5. I LOVE volunteering

It's cheesy but it's true. What you can acheive both personally and for others by giving up a small amount of your free time is remarkable. 


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