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Maaike Veenkamp

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Maaike Veenkamp

Coco Member
Location: Lincoln
Senior Community Organiser, COLtd Member, Associate Network Member, COLtd Director

My name is Maaike and I am working as a Senior Community Organiser in Lincoln, specifically working within the Monks Road area. I am now in my third year of Community Organising and am employed by Lincoln City FC Sport and Education Trust. I am mentoring two Trainee Community Organisers, hosted by Lincoln City FC Sport & Education trust to work across the city of Lincoln, as part of cohort 13. In my training year I supported a group of residents, collectively known as 'Action LN2' to deliver a number of projects and events to improve their neighbourhood. These ranged from environmental projects to the development of a new Saturday morning football club for young children on the local park. The highlight of my year was watching two 15-year old girls compere a music event they had organised to an audiennce of over 1000 in their local Arboretum park, which started as just an idea sparked by one of the two young girls in my first house meeting. I continue to support Action LN2 to expand and formalise their group and develop their work further to. You can find them on Facebook: 'Action LN2'

As well as this I continue to door knock with volunteers and identify leaders in the community to support further action and groups. These range from a kinship support group for relatives with custody of family members children to a junior fun run in aid of charity and a group of volunteers known as 'Witham Waste Warriors' who are focussing on improving their river bank area to make it a welcoming area for residents. I am currently running a Volunteer Training Programme in Lincoln training 20 residents from across Lincoln in Community Organising. 

Through my role I want to be able to support and empower people to make a difference to their lives and the lives of those around them. My passion for the neighbourhood comes from living in the area myself and seeing the great potential it has and all people working hard within it.

 Check out what we are up to on our Facebook page -  'Community Organisers Lincolnshire' 

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