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Riverside Community Resource Trust

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Riverside Community Resource Trust

Location: Gravesend

Riverside Community Development Trust is an independent charitable trust which is totally self-financing. We are not reliant on grants or any funding from external organisations. Our Board of trustees is made up of elected representatives elected from the local area. We are therefore able to set our own priorities, business direction and strategies to best meet the needs of our clients, our ethos and our governing document. The vision is to develop a Riverside Community Centre which is totally impartial, non denominational, multi-cultural, community focused and sustainable. The make-up of the Board reflects the mix of the community living or working in the area and is accountable to the community. We are very lucky to a very committed board with members drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and interests. The Board currently has 4 sub-committee’s who have been tasked to oversee different strands of the organisation of the centre while the Board maintains policy approval and strategic direction.

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