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Stephen Smith

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Stephen Smith

Sneinton Alchemy
Location: Nottingham
Senior Community Organiser, COLtd Member

I am Senior Community Organiser and a Director of Sneinton Alchemy which ahs hosted and employed Community Organisers for 3 years.  Community Organising involves empowering communties to to act on things dear to them.   The role of a community organiser is to help residents, groups, associations and businesses in their area to develop their power to act together for the common good and take action to tackle local issues which are important to them. . Until August 2012 I was the Manager of the Greenway Community and Training Centre which is a local charity that serves the community of Sneinton.. Primarily the Greenway offers a range of courses, holiday clubs, youth clubs and room rentals, dance/drama classes a crèche and day centre for the elderly. My duties ranged from managing up to 15 staff (including volunteers), dealing with the service providers such as Workers Education Association WEA, South Notts College, The Send Project, Nottinghamshire Probation Service, the Renewal Trust and Nottingham City Council. The reason for leaving was so that I could concentrate on my current job, but I have remained a board member until the present. I am one of the co-founders (and until recently a Director) of First Universal Enterprises Ltd which is an alternative education provider supports the disadvantaged to gain education and work-based skills ( I currently have 45 volunteers or VCO's (volunteer community organisers) most who have set up projects to tackle local needs over the past 2 years.. These projects range from a Community Hub, Youth Mentoring Project, Roma Support Group, Drama Club, Street Clean Schemes, and support for the elderly to mention a few ( Other volunteers have simply been motivated to get involved in an existing project or have become members of Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum which is in the process of developing Nottingham first Neighbourhood Plan. It is now vital to build the capacity of these passionate residents. I currently deliver training to the volunteers but realise that it is now time to raise the bar by providing the trainees with an actual qualification that will boost their prospects (, potentially leading to employment. I am a trained teacher and am completing a management level 3 qualification.  Sneinton is pioneering the new Volunteer Training Programme which will see up to 30 volunteering gaining a qualification in the foundations odf Community Organising. I believe that the  city of Nottingham would benefit greatly as more people are trained in Community Organising as  it will create more and more community leaders that will seek to set up or get involved with projects that tackle local needs.  Big Love 


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