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Terri Overland

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Terri Overland

Location: Dudley & Shropshire
Senior Community Organiser, COLtd Member, Associate Network Member, COLtd Director

I am just entering my third year as a Senior Community Organisers and also after 5 months of Mentoring two Trainee Community Organisers based in Telford.  Ive also covered work in Telford and in the Black Country Area. I  aim to work with local communities to listen to ideas, build networks and support people to tackle the local issues. I believe as a qualified Community Organiser, following 2 years in this position, I have learnt how to listen to local people, adopting the Root Solution Listening Matters (RSLM) approach for community engagement. I aim to continue to build on the development oftrust and work on relationships, to get a better understanding of communities and to establish skills in local people to negotiate a community contract.

My aim is to engage with individuals and groups of people to gain further information on their histories both personal and universal within their cultural backgrounds and how their experiences have impacted on their communities, if at all. Ideally, I would like individuals to feel included and empowered through finding their voice and realising their potential I hope by using the RSM method of community engagement it will result in gaining a high level of insight into local communities, allowing me to build an information base around this in order to support people across the Borough and establish strong community ties in and around the Black Country, Dudley and Shropshire.

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