Published 29th March 2016

Groups work to avert homeless crisis in Stafford

Three groups are working on radical plans to overcome “a perfect storm for disaster” as some accommodation for Stafford’s homeless ends next week.

William Morris, director of Stafford charity House of Bread with some of the tents used by homeless people.

Eileen Jordan, Stafford community organiser, has helped users of Lichfield House apply to have the building listed as an asset of community value.

She said: “The young people approached us and asked what they can do. They have filled in the forms and we have stepped forward to put in an expression of interest, backing the application.  Midland Heart, which owns the building, has evicted some people living there. I don’t know where those kids have ended up.  The organisation is trying to group the buildings up and has said it will be selling Lichfield House for £400,000. They own the other buildings on that site and I’m unsure of their plans.  We will fight this or we’re going to have big troubles.

Sara Beamand, director for Care and Support at Midland Heart, said: “The removal of Supporting People funding by Staffordshire County Council has unfortunately left us with no alternative but to close the service at Lichfield House.  Many of our customers have now been supported to find future homes, and we will continue to work closely with Stafford Borough Council and those remaining to help them consider their future options.  We are very proud of the great work we have achieved at Lichfield House.

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