Every action someone takes, whether little or BIG, contributes to the movement becoming a powerful voice and network for people who want to take action in communities. We know, that when people get together and take action things can change, for good. This is why we need all people to take action, and work together, to build a powerful movement that starts in, and across, our neighbourhoods.

Join a Campaign

Across our network 1000s of people are coming together to take direct action to influence policy makers and those in power to ensure that the voices of all people are heard. Find out more about current and past national and local campaigns we are involved with.

Become a Social Action Hub

Social Action Hubs are grassroots organisations which are committed to training and supporting people to develop their understanding and practice of community organising. By becoming a Social Action Hub you will receive the relevant training and support you need to embed community organising into your organisation. You will also be part of the wider Social Action Hub Network where you can share best practice and collaborate on issues of national importance.

Take part in training

Wanting to learn more about community organising? Regardless of whether you are just starting out, or if you are seasoned Organiser, Campaigner or Activist, we have a range of training courses and opportunities through the National Academy of Community Organising (NACO). Take a look and get in touch with us to find out more.

Find us on Social Media

With 1000s of people across our network we can really shine a light on the amazing people across our movement. By simply hitting 'share', 'like' or 'retweet' across our Social Media platforms you can help get our messages across to 1000s of people! Click the links below to start following us on Social Media.

Join the Community Practitioners' Network

The Community Practitioners Network (CPN) brings together community practitioners from across the UK. It provides an informal space where people come together, reflect and listen to each other's experiences. It also provides expert input and guidance through guest lectures and webinars as well as informal networking opportunities and wider issue based discussion groups.

Share your stories

We all have a compelling story to tell. And a compelling story can move others to action. We want to collate powerful stories from across our network of what is driving action in our communities. By sharing your story we can amplify your message across our network and inspire others.