Become a Social Action Hub

Social Action Hubs are locally rooted organisations which are committed to training and supporting people to develop their understanding and practice of community organising.

These grassroots organisations are the closest to the people and key to restoring community power. That is why we are encouraging more grassroots organisations to become Social Action Hubs, as these hubs create spaces that inspire and facilitate action at the grassroots.

Working collectively, as part of our Social Action Hub Network, we can share best practice and more importantly amplify the stories of ordinary people making it possible for policy makers and those in power to hear those stories and bring about much-needed change.

The concept of a Social Action Hub for us is about building power within local communities in three ways: through personal development – empowering individuals; through campaigning –working on issues; and through organising to gain recognition and become more effective at a strategic level.
Sacha Bedding, Chief Executive The Wharton Trust, Hartlepool

What Are The Benefits?

  • By becoming a Social Action Hub you can develop a Theory of Change for your organisation using the Community Organising Framework
  • Gain quality Training for staff and volunteers
  • Support with personal and professional development through the Community Practitioners’ Network
  • Connect and share best practice with other Social Action Hubs
  • Collaborate with others to act together on issues of national importance
  • Access to our eLearning platform
It’s really important to be able to listen and respond and evolve and develop and grow in a way that is relevant and useful to the community and working with Community Organisers helps you to really hone how you do that and to find ways in which you can effectively listen and act and move things forward.
Fin Irwin, Director of IntoBodmin

See our Social Action Hub Guide HERE


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Three Pillars of Community Organising

Good community organising practice is built upon high quality training, experienced mentoring and support and, of course, putting the learning in to practice.
That's why our core work at Community Organisers is built around 'Training', 'Support' and 'Action'.

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