The National Academy of Community Organising

The National Academy of Community Organising provides quality assured training and nationally recognised qualifications in community organising.

The National Academy of Community Organising (NACO) is the training arm of Community Organisers. We provide quality assured courses and nationally-recognised qualifications in community organising across the UK. We deliver these via our central team, through a network of local organisations called Affiliated Training Providers and via our Associate Trainer Network.

We are proud of having developed a creative and interactive set of in-person and online courses that are accessible to those from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. We especially like to work with those who have had negative experiences of traditional education and support them to discover a new way of learning that embodies the values of community organising.

All of our trainers are quality assured and need to demonstrate appropriate levels of experience in community organising, understand the theory behind it and be able to train diverse groups of people effectivley. Our training has a strong emphasis on reflection and self-knowledge, recognising the key role both formal and informal education have in helping people discover their sense of power.

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