Social Action Hubs

Social Action Hub is the term we use to describe local hubs of community organising, which are also quality assured training hubs affiliated to Community Organisers.

There are 15 Social Action Hubs across England and together they make up the National Academy of Community Organising.

Social Action Hubs provide training in the practice and principles of community organising, from one-day introductory courses through to National Qualifications in Community Organising.

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What is a Social Action Hub?

  • A single organisation or cluster of organisations working together.
  • Dedicated to a local area, community or neighbourhood.
  • Accountable to local people.
  • Socially responsible with profits used only for social good.
  • Committed to igniting social change through community organising.
  • Working for a more socially just, caring and cooperative society.

What does a Social Action Hub do?

  • Promote the values, principles and methods of community organising.
  • Provide quality assured training and education in community organising.
  • Use a community organising approach to help people listen, be powerful, and take action.
  • Support networks of people who are involved in taking action for change.
  • Build relationships locally and nationally.
The concept of a Social Action Hub for us is about building power within local communities in three ways: through personal development – empowering individuals; through campaigning – working on issues; and through organising to gain recognition and become more effective at a strategic level.


Social Action Hubs (in alphabetical order)

You can find the location of your nearest Social Action Hub through our interactive map.

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