The Community Practitioners' Network (CPN) brings together community practitioners from across the UK. It provides expert input and guidance through our monthly guest lectures, webinars and wider conversations as well as an informal space where people come together, reflect and support each other with their practice through our regular Practice Support Circles.

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Support your employees and volunteers who are working on the frontline of communities with their personal and professional development by signing them up as a member of the Community Practitioners' Network (CPN).

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The Community Practitioners Network (CPN) provides a wide variety of learning and development opportunities to support your work with communities. Find our more by clicking the button below and sign up directly or tell your organisation about it

With this type of work the first thing that drops off the agenda is looking after yourself. The Community Practitioners Network is about having those critical friends that ask those difficult questions. It helps your own learning and is useful for developing your skills, and challenging your own practice.

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Payment is through PayPal – if you do not have a PayPal account you can ‘check out’ as a guest by following the online instructions.

If you wish for an invoice to be sent to your organisation/employer please email us at stating the name and address of the person required for invoicing. If your organisation uses a purchase order system please include the purchase order number in the email.

I joined the CPN to connect with other practitioners, develop my practice, and to be motivated. The Peer Learning Circles really help me focus on my practice. I feel more confident in my practice and motivated in my role.

The CPN also fits well with our Framework Focus online learning, which contains nine online courses that go deeper into each of the elements of the Community Organising Framework and theory behind community organising. Find out more HERE

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Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss signing up more than 1 person to the Community Practitioners Network (CPN) and also if you would like to sign up to both the CPN and Framework Focus




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“This type of work can be isolating so it is nice that the CPN gives you a space to come together.”
It is really important to have reflective spaces for our own wellbeing and developing our skillset. This is often not provided as part of organisation's support systems; and it’s also really valuable to have external opportunities to get a fresh perspective. This is why I joined the CPN.

Framework Focus

Learn more about community organising and our Community Organising Framework through our self-directed online learning series called 'Framework Focus'. The course consists of over 7 hours of learning split across 70 videos and the first module on 'Reach' is free!

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