Published 6th December 2019

Ready Steady Active Community Organisers Programme 2019 Finishes on a High!

12 amazing young women from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire have completed their Community Organising Training Programme.

We would like to send them huge congratulations for their achievement. The young women attended all four one day courses and also took part in a final residential when they really tested their inner power and resilience by doing some rock climbing!

Watch two of the young women, Raahima and Khadijah, talking about that they learned and what they loved about the programme.

Living in these times, our young people cannot afford to wait for the world to change, it's time they and we change it ourselves.
Rashida Salloo, who leads Ready Steady Active and supported the young women in their training.

There are so many wonderful examples of young people stepping up to make their voices heard and lead social change today, but even more young people not being given the opportunity or the tools to organise and take action on the things they care about.

That’s why we are so pleased to be running our Youth programme again in a number of areas including Barking, Somerset, Bexley, Grimsby, Warwickshire, Nottingham, and – of course – Dewsbury.  We can’t wait to see what these determined and caring young people get up to with the tools we give them in 2020!

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