Roots to Recovery – a roadmap for post-pandemic communities

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have seen the value of community organising and local action. Community groups and organisations, including newly-formed Mutual Aid groups, were at the forefront of the response to Covid-19, pro-actively setting up support structures for those who were in need or shielding.

As we look ahead to how our communities will operate in a post-pandemic society, we brought together over 80 community organisers and members of our network to join a conversation to create a series of actions and asks for post-pandemic communities.

Through these conversations there was an overwhelming sense that for all the challenges that the pandemic has posed, it has also created significant opportunities to press reset. It has given us the chance to build on what was working and address what wasn’t (and perhaps still isn’t).

The process of recovery for places and communities is a shared journey – and we are inviting other who wish to build on this roadmap to join the conversation and offer their insight into h0w we can build back better, from the ground up and from the inside out. ensuring that all voices, particularly those on the margins are heard.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on all and has exposed the weaknesses in the system. Communities cannot always resolve the issues for themselves but the “roots to recovery” lie within our communities. We need to find effective ways of bringing local people together with systems and structures to bring about enduring change
Nick Gardham, CEO, Community Organisers

Framework Focus

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