Listening Skills for Community Organising

Listening to people is the foundation of community organising because it builds trust and relationships, uncovers issues and is an essential starting point for bringing people together to share stories, ideas and action. On this course, you will gain an understanding of why listening is important in community organising and you will develop practical listening skills and tactics and plan a listening campaign.


• ‘relational’ listening and its importance in community organising

• how to plan a listening campaign to kick-start your organising work

• practical listening tools you can use to engage people, build relationships and find leaders

• how asking powerful questions helps people to tell their stories

• how community organisers reflect to improve their work

The course also provides a reminder of the basics of community organising, which are covered in our Introduction to Community Organising course. If you haven’t been on our Introduction course, we would encourage you to do this before signing up to the Listening course.

To receive a certificate for the training both sessions must be attended.

Community Organising Compared

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