Published 15th December 2020

Peer Learning Circles

As part of Community Organisers ‘membership recommitment’ for 2021 we are launching a brand-new member-only benefit; the Community Organisers Peer Learning Circles.

What are Peer Learning Circles?

People often find that the best way to learn new skills is through doing something, and then reflecting on this with others.  The Peer Learning Circles will help you apply the skills that you are developing as community organisers, to the work you are involved with on the ground.

We want to encourage members to learn from their shared experiences. Developing new ways of problem-solving and reflecting on the challenges faced in your own neighbourhoods. Together, building a powerful network acting on the issues that people care about.

The Peer Learning Circles will be an essential part of your own personal development and be offered through Community Organisers’ membership. They will be:

  • An online space for individual reflective learning
  • A chance to gain direct knowledge from your peers to take back to your neighbourhoods and support action
  • A place for peer reinforcement and testing of practice using authentic experiences
  • A chance to examine principles and study best practice to bring about change
  • A safe environment to explore innovative ways of thinking and doing
  • A great place to encourage personal growth or professional knowledge and development
  • A space to help personal understanding of how other members achieve constructive results
  • A chance to develop new relationships and advance new ideas
I joined the membership to feel connected to others doing the same work. To gain opportunities to improve my practice and feel supported. Opportunities to share my learning and experiences with others.
Member feedback from Recommitment Review, March 2020

How, when and where will the Peer Learning Circles take place?

The Peer Learning Circles will involve regular small group get-togethers online.

  • The groups will be made up of 6-8 members with different levels of experience in community organising.
  • The Peer Learning Circles will take place fortnightly for 3 months
  • The group meetings will last 90 minutes
  • All group members will have opportunities to share their experiences of community organising practice
  • There are no limits to the number of Peer Learning Circles – this is an ongoing benefit for members

Organising Groups

An Organising Group may want to hold specific Peer Learning Circles with members of their group. Please contact me directly to arrange convenient times and dates.

What is the cost?

The Peer Learning Circles are being offered as a free benefit to members of Community Organisers. We strongly believe that reflective learning is an important part of an individual’s development in the understanding of community organising principles and practice.

How do I sign up?

We haven’t yet set any definite dates for the Peer Learning Circles to start, as firstly we would like to gauge the interest, and then develop convenient times for groups to meet.

We fully expect that the group’s first meetups will be in late January 2021.

The Peer Learning Circles are an ongoing benefit, and we will support continuing group sessions, if and when required.

Members Only

Follow this link to register your interest in being part of a Community Organisers Peer Learning Circle.

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