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With the combination of passion and skills our Organisers are perfect additions to your organisation.

Why would you employ a Community Organiser?

Each newly qualified community organiser has spent at least one year training and working in a neighbourhood or community; listening to hundreds of people, finding out what they care about, building a network, finding and supporting volunteers, leaders and activists, and supporting people to action. Community Organisers are genuinely skilled at listening deeply to people and are very good at developing a deep understanding of what makes people tick – what makes them engage and disconnect from social action and personal agency

Some Community Organisers have gained experience in campaigning, some in fund-raising or business planning, some in events planning and some in lobbying. It all depends on what was needed in the area where they worked.  

"We have found that the CO team has greatly expanded our capacity to reach our community, particularly people who have a lot to offer but who are not already active in established community life. Being a 'roots up' organisation this has enhanced our ability to tailor our activities to what people actually want, helping to break the cycle of fund-chasing and old fashioned consultation. We have always been seeking different ways to reach and activate people, now the Community Organising model has given us a toolset that matches our mind-set.", Community Organisers Employer Sneinton Alchemy

If you are interested in finding out more about organisers, wish to advertise a job placement or would like an organiser to help with a short term contract please visit our services page.


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