Published 18th June 2019

£100k to support local community organising

Community Organisers has made available £100k to support its members to form Local Organising Groups.

Local Organising Groups are made up of a minimum of 21 people who will work together to listen to people in the community, build their collective power and develop community led solutions to the issues that matter most to them.

Since 2015, Community Organisers has grown its membership to over 1,200 people across England. This fund, which is part of the Community Organisers Expansion Programme funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, aims to support the development of 20 Local Organising Groups who will each develop and deliver their own community organising action plan.

David Symes, National Member Organiser said that “this fund supports the continued growth of the membership. It also guarantees that community organising principles reinforce the core of every action the membership takes. The support for Local Organising Groups comes directly from listening to the membership and identifying that people want to feel part of a national movement whilst retaining their local identity.”

Community Organisers Staffordshire is one of the first groups to take advantage of this support. Over 21 people have come together to form their Local Organising Group and already the group is seeing the impact in their local town.

Being able to formalise the group has allowed us to be taken more seriously locally. The new branding and identity have galvanised support for the work we are doing in our neighbourhood. It has enabled us to take the Social Supermarket from an idea to reality.
Eileen Jordan, coordinator of Community Organisers Staffordshire

Nick Gardham, CEO of Community Organisers said that “the type of action that we are seeing in Staffordshire is exactly how we see the fund being used. We want people to take ownership of the issues at the local level and work with Community Organisers so that people can take effective action. We believe that by encouraging the creation of democratic and accountable local associations of people, we will strengthen democratic engagement by reaching out to those who feel most removed from power and decision making.”

On 25th and 26th June, Community Organisers is holding its annual national meet up where the work of Local Organising groups will be promoted. National Member Organiser David Symes will be hosting a workshop entitled ‘How to form a Local Organising Group’.

For more information about setting up a Local Organising Group, please contact National Member Organiser David Symes or visit the dedicated page on our website.

If you are interested in signing up to Community Organisers free membership , please find details on our Membership page.

Find out more about Local Organising Groups, including how to set one up, and apply for funding, HERE.

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