Published 18th July 2014

Action Camp 2014

Short video showing you the atmosphere at CO Action Camp 2014 – a ‘learning and doing’ event on a grand scale for community organisers.

From learning through workshop and wild margins to fun activities, it has been an amazing few days! Check out the brill atmosphere in this short video.

Action Camp 2014 was held at Yarnfield Park from 20th to 23rd June 2014.  An annual event; an energising long-weekend residential that brings together inspirational people working in neighbourhoods across England to learn from one another, take away new ideas, make new connections and strengthen our collective work.

‘People, Power, Action’ was the theme for Action Camp, which drove the three-day programme.  The theme cut to the heart of community organising – people coming together through common interests, strengthening trust and relationships to tackle issues and build power through reflection and action; using that power to do fantastic things – neighbourhoods truly mobilising for change.

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