Published 12th July 2017

CO17 – Building, Bridging and Bonding

After two years as an independent organisation operating in the ‘big wide world’ we recognised the need to look outwards, and not just inwards, at ourselves.

There was growing interesting in community organising (driven by the amazing stories from our members) and we knew that we had to find a way of capitalising on this. But we also new that we had to grow relationships, we had to build trust and respect with other organisations and spend time looking for others to collaborate, learn and share with.

We had spent some time since our independence building relationships with other organisations, but we knew that the only way we could bridge and bond the relationships between our members and organisations was bringing them all together in the same place. So that’s what we did. A carefully selected group of organisations who had expressed a strong interest in community organising to come and explore with us what could be achieve together.

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